Zoddo: Apostle I with Wings
- scale 1/15
- no serial
- limitation < 1500
- estimated value: $700+
- pictures uploaded 1.4.05

Before I describe this statue, let me just tell you that pictures can NOT do this piece justice.  I was so shocked when I discovered how large and heavy this figure really is.  Just look at the pictures!  Granted, that Guts figure is actually one of the mini-action figures from Figure Set Volume III, but even the normal sized 1/10 scale figures would only reach up to Zoddo's claws!

Art of War should really re-photograph this statue for their website because their current picture looks pretty unflattering, in my humble opinion.  Even the pictures I took can't fully grasp the intensity of this statue.  Wings or no wings, this piece is a MUST OWN.

One thing to mention though, is that NONE of these Zoddo statues have a metal nameplate with a serial #, whether it be a Japanese release or not.  Instead, a cheap poorly painted nameplate is included which looks plain ridiculous next to such a gorgeous piece.

There IS one exception to that and that lies with the Bloody versions.  Those 320 Bloody version statues (Wings & No Wings) have metal nameplates with a serial #.  However, those variants shoot up way above $1000 on Yahoo Auctions Japan (sometimes close to $2000).  For me personally, I am not too impressed with the blood-work on this Zoddo statue, so I never really yearned to get one.  However, the few individuals that do have them, they truly hold one of the most valuable Berserk statues known to man!

Existing Versions
Edition Limitation Estimated Value
Normal - No Wings (Toycom Release, No Serial) 100 $450+
Normal - Wings (Toycom Release, No Serial) 100 $700+
Normal - No Wings (No Serial) < 1000 $450+
Normal - Wings (No Serial) < 1000 $700+
Limited - No Wings with Blood 40 $700+
Limited - Wings with Blood 280 $1000+

(table is solely based on my experience & knowledge, if you have any discrepancies or additional information, please email me)

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