Puck: Sitting
- scale 1/1
- no serial
- limitation < 500
- estimated value: $40+
- pictures uploaded 6.27.05

This Puck statue is definitely one of the better "Young Animal" Exclusives, and it comes in two colors!  I personally prefer the white one, but overall, it's the pose that grabs me.  It's strange, but for some reason I really like looking at this statue from the side and seeing Puck look upwards.  Excuse the "cheese", but it gives off this magical, fantasmic feeling that grants me the courage to keep my head up and have faith.  HAHA, wow... that last sentence was QUITE cheesy, but it's true!  I ain't gonna lie. =)

I wonder though, what it would have been like if this statue was actually painted.  Maybe one of these days I'll get one of the two painted, but the one-color tone is growing on me.  Well, anyways, in summary, this statue is a great addition to any Berserk fan's collection.  It's rare, it's relatively cheap, and it's inspirational! =P

Existing Versions
Edition Limitation Estimated Value
Normal - Green ("Young Animal" Reader Giveaway) < 500 $40+
Normal - White ("Young Animal" Reader Giveaway) < 500 $40+

(table is solely based on my experience & knowledge, if you have any discrepancies or additional information, please email me)

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