Trigun: Vash: The Stampede
- by Kaiyodo
- scale 1/8
- no serial
- limitation 500
- estimated value: $250+

- pictures uploaded 6.28.05

This statue is what made me WATCH Trigun in the first place!  I kept seeing it at this one local anime store that I used to visit every month, and I just kept gawking at it.  So finally, I decided to watch the damn show so I could have a reason to buy the statue, and in turned out that I reallllly liked it!  I was so encapsulated in the show I almost cried at this one part (I'm sure you know which part I mean if you have seen it).  And my gawd, I laughed-out-loud SO MANY times throughout the series, it was great!  So yah, after being so impressed with the series, I went back to the anime store, and lucky me, the statue was sold!!!  SO, I had to wait about a year for it to finally pop up on Ebay and pay almost $100 more for it.  Ah well, the most important thing is I have it now and that I LOVE IT.

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