Guts: Hawk Soldier (Limited Edition - Green Cape)
- scale 1/10
- serial # 0000
- limitation < 1500
- estimated value: $200+
- pictures uploaded 2.6.05

Something about the helmets that Kentarou Miura design really floats my boat.  I love the Griffith helmet and I love this Guts helmet.  So naturally, his helmet is pictured down below =).  And, with regards to the cape, I'm not really sure if it's more green or more blue (the normal edition has a red cape).  Well, either way, I am thoroughly satisfied with the color scheme of this statue.

Overall, this statue is a very solid piece.  Normal or exclusive, everyone should own one. =)  Also, since Toycom re-released the red-cape version, this statue is quite easy to find on Ebay.  It pops up pretty often and you can usually get one for under $100.

Existing Versions
Edition Limitation Estimated Value
Normal - Red Cape (Toycom Release, No Serial) ? $75+
Normal - Red Cape < 2500 $150
Limited - Green Cape < 1500 $200+
Limited - Red Cape with Blood 100 $250+

(table is solely based on my experience & knowledge, if you have any discrepancies or additional information, please email me)

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