Guts: Black Swordsman: Episode of Birth Feast (Limited Edition - Bloody)
- scale 1/10
- serial # 45
- limitation < 300
- estimated value: $550+

- pictures uploaded 1.22.05

My Gawd... it took me YEARS to get this statue.  Why?  Well first, I bought the Toycom release, which actually was my very first Berserk statue too.  Then, a year later, I forced myself to sell my Toycom release and buy the original Japanese release with the # nameplate.  And after all of that, I then found out about how there existed several different bloody versions.  So... I set my heart on getting one of the heavy bloody versions, either the one with or without the bloodshot eye.

After losing several auctions for both versions, I realized that I really needed to pull out the big bills if I wanted to get one of them.  Since this is virtually the first Berserk statue Art of War released, it's extremely valuable.  The bloodshot eye didn't attract me too much, so I decided to put all my energy into attaining the non-bloodshot eye version, which worked out better too since it costs a little less.

Well, after 3 years, I finally got one on Yahoo Auctions Japan and I rejoiced and rejoiced and sang and rejoiced.  I even went to In-N-Out Burger and got myself a big honking cheeseburger because I was so happy (the closest In-N-Out is 25 minutes away and I have a cholesterol problem =P).  It was one of the best Berserk collecting days of my life!

Anyways, enough about that, on to the statue!  Well... what can I say?  Just look at it!  It's a beauty.  The blood on the sword and base is made out of a thick substance so it's not just red paint, but rather some sort of substance that has volume.  In other words, it actually looks like blood, and not just paint.

And damn, just look at him!  He's such a stud... holding that sword up on his shoulder like that.  You really can't get much more pimp than Guts, simple as that. =)

In short, this statue is my most prized possession, next to only ONE.  Take a wild guess which one I'm referring to.

Existing Versions
Edition Limitation Estimated Value
Normal (Toycom Release, No Serial) ? $125+
Normal < 3000 $200+
Limited - Light Blood (No Serial) < 500 $300+
Limited - Heavy Blood < 300 $550+
Limited - Heavy Blood with Bloodshot Eye < 300 $700+

(table is solely based on my experience & knowledge, if you have any discrepancies or additional information, please email me)

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