Griffith: Millennium Falcon I
- scale 1/10
- serial # 481
- limitation < 2000
- estimated value: $200+
- pictures uploaded 2.5.05

This is another statue that impressed me more than I thought it would.  If I were to choose between one of the Griffith: Millennium Falcon statues, I would definitely choose this one over the 2nd.  The pose is much more dynamic and the face looks a little more accurate as well (granted, neither statue resembles Griffith's face perfectly).

Also, it's amazing what bases can do for a statue.  This base really makes the statue look nice since it props Griffith up there, high above everyone else (as he should be).  The cape has a good flowing look to it as well, and so does his hair.

The limited edition is also really nice, and the cool thing about that one is that it comes with an interchangeable head with his helmet on.  I REALLY wish I could have the helmet too, but I couldn't justify myself paying an extra $300 for it when I also prefer the normal edition's silver armor over the limited edition's metallic blue armor.  True... the blue armor looks very elaborate and beautiful, but one thing I do when I collect statues/figures is I like for them to stay as true to the original characters as possible.  In my mind, Griffith wears silver armor, and not metallic blue armor.  So, in the end, I bought this version instead.

However, if you have the money, and the collector's mind set, the limited edition is quite the prized possesion.  I've never had a chance to see one in person, but judging from the pictures, it does look amazing.

Existing Versions
Edition Limitation Estimated Value
Normal - Silver Armor & No Helmet (Toycom Release, No Serial) ? $125+
Normal - Silver Armor & No Helmet < 2000 $200+
Limited - Metallic Blue Armor & Interchangeable Helmet/Head 300 $500+

(table is solely based on my experience & knowledge, if you have any discrepancies or additional information, please email me)

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