God Hand (Limited Edition - Griffith with Bandages Statue)
- scale 1/15
- serial # 51
- limitation < 350
- estimated value: $500+
- pictures uploaded 1.13.05

This set... is one of my favorites, by far.  I originally thought it was limited to 300 pieces, but I saw a limited edition set on Yahoo Auctions Japan that was numbered 320 something.  I still have an odd feeling that there are still only 300 out there (as Art of War generally limits their exclusive editions to 100 or 300 pieces), but I guess it might be safe to say that there are less than 350 pieces.  Actually, I should email AOW about this.

Well anyways, about the statues themselves, I would have to say my favorite pieces are the Griffith with Bandages and Slan statues.  Slan... well for obvious reasons =P, and Griffith because that piece signifies the main turning point in the Berserk story.

Unfortunately, these statues are a smaller scale than the majority of the AOW statues and only stand around 5 inches high.  I guess they wanted to make it more cost efficient for their buyers (like cost efficiency is AOW's main concern!) but nevertheless, the set is very detailed.

This set is still one of the more favorite statues that collectors want to obtain, so this one can fetch you a pretty penny if you want to buy one yourself.  Be prepared to spend AT LEAST $400, and probably closer to the $500+ range.  It's truly an awesome set!

(And yes, I photoshop'd Ubik's pole out of the picture =P) 

Existing Versions
Edition Limitation Estimated Value
Normal < 2000 $350+
Limited - Griffith with Bandages Statue < 350 $500+

(table is solely based on my experience & knowledge, if you have any discrepancies or additional information, please email me)

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