Guts (Original Prototype) & Custom Zoddo Plush Toys
- by Anna Yamamoto
- scale n/a
- limitation 1
- estimated value: n/a
- pictures uploaded 1.6.08

For those that don't know, I currently work at Media Blasters, the American company that licensed the Berserk anime in the States.  One of my colleagues, Anna Yamamoto, is the very one who designed the Guts and Griffith plush toys that were released in stores!  What you see down below is the retail version of Guts, the original prototype of Guts, and a custom Zoddo plush that she made and gave to me on my birthday!!!  She made me giddier than a 13 year old boy going through puberty!

As the pictures show, the original prototype of Guts is significantly larger than the retail version.  Of course, being that the prototype was hand sewed by the masterful Anna herself, there is a lot more detail and precision when comparing it to the retail version.  The material is also sturdier and of higher quality.  I still can't believe she gave it to me!  After only working there for a few months, I saw it sitting behind her desk, and I noticed that something looked different about it.  That's when she told me it was the ORIGINAL design prototype she made before they were mass produced.  She knew I was a big Berserk fan, so she offered it to me!  She also autographed the cape!  What a cool friend =).

Then, a few months later, she surprised me with the GREATEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER.  A custom Zoddo plush toy, with wings!!!  The quality of the piece is just amazing.  Everything was done by hand, from the etching on the wings, to the claws, to the horn, to the hoofs...  The arms and legs are jointed so it's fully posable, and the tail contains some sort of wire inside so the tail can be shaped too!  The nose and hoofs are leather and the eyes are a nice spooky red just like Zoddo is.  Although in all honesty, this plush toy is more adorable than anything else!


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