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6.28.05 - Yup, I finally did it.  I finally made an update to my non-Berserk statue section.  Check it out!

(Trigun: Vash: The Stampede, by Kaiyodo)

(Rurouni Kenshin: Himura Kenshin, by Amie-Grand)

6.27.05 - I made a sizable update to the other section as well as one addition to the statue section.  They are mostly "Young Animal" Exclusives which are created by Art of War.  I also took pictures of some non-Berserk statues and I should be uploading those pictures tomorrow.  Have fun.

(Behelit: "Young Animal" Exclusives, by Art of War)

(Puck: Sitting, by Art of War)

(Busts: "Young Animal" Exclusives, by Art of War)

6.23.05 - Today AOW opened up orders for Zoddo II on their website.  All 500 of the "exclusive" statues sold out in under 30 minutes...  That's faster than when the Berserker Exclusive statues sold out (which was about an hour).  CRAZY.  I think I should be okay though, I placed my order for the bloody version of Zoddo II within the first two minutes of its release.  *crosses fingers* (update 6.24 - my order is now confirmed!)

6.9.05 - It's complete!  My first Berserk Diorama is complete!  What more do I need to say?  Go look at the freakin' masterpiece that John crafted for me!

(Zoddo: Apostle with Custom Guts and Diorama, by Headlong)

5.28.05 - I know it's long overdue, but I got off my lazy ass and took pictures of the Grunbeld and Berserker statues.  Also, my painter should be starting a new kit this coming week.  It's going to be an awesome one... I CAN FEEL IT.  It's going to involve a custom diorama too.  Just wait and see =).

(Grunbeld & Guts: Berserker, by Art of War)

5.11.05 - I finally received my AOW Berserker and Grunbeld statues.  I feel so-so about the Grunbeld statue but I am NUTS over the Berserker one.  The pose is incredible!  I can't wait to take some pictures of it and post them on the site.  I've just been too busy.  But, a fellow Berserk collector, sent me some pictures of two of her new babies, and you MUST check them out.  One of them is a CUSTOM job!  And we all love custom jobs, don't we?  They are in the kits section, or for those of you that are lazy, here and here (custom one).

4.28.05 - Well, John Allred finished my 4th Headlong kit last night.  Check out the badass known as Skullknight.  Go now!!!  Don't wait =).  Also, my AOW Grunbeld and Berserker statues shipped today from Japan, so I should be adding pictures for them in the next 2 weeks or so.  Stay tuned!

4.10.05 - I updated the website today with brand new pictures of my completed Berserker kit, by Headlong.  Hurry up and go look at the pictures and leave some comments =).

3.27.05 - Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I updated my unpainted kits section with some cooooool kits that I recently attained in the past month.  I also talked with my painter today, and he will be starting my Guts: Berserker Armor (by Headlong), followed by Skullknight, during the first week of April.  Stay tuned!

3.9.05 - CHECK OUT MY 2ND COMPLETED KIT, Guts: Black Swordsman, by Headlong.

2.28.05 - Wow, ever since this site went public, I've been getting a lot more traffic than I originally thought I would.  We're talking 2000+ page loads a day, and growing!  Hopefully, this hasn't been slowing down any of the loading times.  But anyhow, thanks for all the nice comments on the website so far.  I'll try my best to update this site on a regular basis.  As of today, I updated the other section with the Golem action figure and the Kubrick sets.

2.24.05 - Took pictures of the last 3 AOW statues that I've been procrastinating on.  Meaning, now, the statues section is pretty much complete!  Take a look-see.  I also added a few completed kits from fellow SK.net member JIN.

2.23.05 - SITE IS OFFICIAL!  Welcome all of you from SK.net!  Enjoy your stay. =)

2.21.05 - Wrote up a F.A.Q. and added my FIRST COMPLETED KIT in the kits section.  Prepare yourself for Headlong's Zoddo: Human!

2.19.05 - Wrote up item descriptions/reviews for every AOW statue, finally made a links section, and changed the layout of the kits section a bit to make it a little more user friendly.

2.8.05 - Finally did some work to the kits section.  A friend of mine was kind enough to take some pictures of her amazing Guts kit collection and I have uploaded the pictures to the website.  And, for all you out there that also have completed Berserk kits, please contact me and I will be more than happy to add your figures to the collection!

2.7.05 - Okay, my fingers are going to fall off...  I just uploaded a TON of photos that I spent the whole weekend taking/cropping/editing, etc.  Also, I re-uploaded sharper, higher quality pictures of all the ones that were on the site before.  Ugh, my eyes hurt, my back aches... I can't type anymore.  Just go look!

2.4.05 - Uploaded some more pictures.  There will be a bigger update this weekend (hopefully).

1.25.05 - Finally added some actual information to the individual statues, in regards to what existing versions/variants exist (as far as I know) and estimates of what I believe the limitation and value are.  If you have any discrepancies, please email me and let me know.

1.22.05 - Big update to the statues section, once again.  Trying to move things along but shooting and editing the pictures take ages!  Well anyways, go lookie lookie.

1.18.05 - Added 3 more picture sets to the statues section: Guts: Millennium Falcon: Attack Form, Troll, and Guts: Millennium Falcon: Attack Form vs Troll.  I also added one SPECIAL item to the other section.  Make sure you stop by there before your leave!  Lastly, apparently, some browsers like Firefox and Safari (not sure about Netscape) viewed the margins of this page incorrectly so the alignment was all messed up.  I changed the code a bit so this page should look fine on most browsers... hopefully!

1.13.05 - Pretty big update to the site, especially in the statues section.  Added pictures for AOW's God Hand set, Griffith Millennium Falcon on Horse, Guts: Hawk Soldier on Horse, and Rakshas statues.  I also made banners for all the main sections (about, other, links, etc.).  Another update will follow shortly.

1.10.05 - Finally got a comment interface up and running.  You can access it below each set of pictures for each statue.

1.6.05 - Made a quick kits section.  It's not very detailed yet, but well, I'm tired =P.

1.5.05 - Uploaded some pictures of statues, but haven't finalized layout yet.  In a few days hopefully...

1.4.05 - Took massive amount of pictures of AOW's Zoddo with Wings, Skullknight on Horse, and Guts: Lost Children statues.  Will update sections completely tomorrow.

1.2.05 - Wrote a little something in the about section.

12.23.04 - Designed a rough layout of the website.

12.22.04 - Created the Berserk music player with Flash.

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