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Berserk Statue/Kit Websites

Art of War The home of it all!  The Official Company behind all the pre-painted statues!
Headlong A talented model builder, dedicated to create gorgeous Berserk kits!
Dotou No Tonosama Creator of a handful of simply amazing Berserk kits.  A must see!
Mimyan Another sculptor that specializes in female kits, including a few Berserk characters.
Acetone Great model builder of unique Berserk kits, with a particular interest in Behelits!
Jinchiku-Muguy A sculptor that seems to enjoy creating hell-like Berserk kits.
Engraver Another kit builder who is working on the Torture Executioners.
Megatech A model builder that has made several awesome Berserk kits that are extremely rare!
Getsurou Yet another sculptor with a fascination with making Apostle kits!
Heavy Gauge One of my FAVORITE kit manufacturers, now with Guts in their already beautiful lineup!
Gill Gill This company's Zodd bust is simply gorgeous.
Tonboya This guy's stuff is LOOKING good!  I love his Irvine kit.
Atom Factory An interesting toy maker that makes cool custom Berserk collectibles.
Berserk ST A fan-made website (like mine) dedicated to Art of War statues.  Great gallery!
Berserk Soul  A fellow fan of Berserk figures, with a beautiful collection of his own painted kits!
Shimizun Collection A website of another devoted statue and kit collector in Japan.
Collection of Berserk Great site with awesome galleries and useful links to other Japanese sites!

Berserk Retail Websites

Art of War Order DIRECTLY from Art of War themselves!
Hobby Link Japan Best Japanese online store for pre-painted statues and original garage kits.
Chara Mani Comparable prices with, but slightly less selection.
Hobby Search Yet another reliable Japanese online store that sells original kits and statues.
Anime Castle American-based company that get decent shipments of Japanese imports.
Akadot Retail The BEST customer service ever, and they can sometimes special order!

Berserk Online Auctions

Ebay Yes, it's a no brainer, but for the sake of being thorough, GO HERE!
Yahoo Auctions Japan The ONLY way to get those super RARE items.  Get your credit card ready.
M World Service The service I use to bid on Japanese auctions and receive shipments.  A++!

Berserk Informational Websites

Skullknight My Affiliate, and THE BEST Berserk informational website and forum out there.
Artic Night Fall The first hardcore Berserk fan site I visited many years ago.  Great content.
Berserk Chronicles Unbelievable collection of images, fan art, and wallpapers.  Check it out.
The Spectrum Another cool site with Berserk media, pictures, and information.

Other Random Cool Websites

Anime on DVD The ONLY site to go to when you want to know anything about Anime DVDs!
Hobby Fanatics Awesome forum with tutorials, galleries, and talented anime/mech model painters.
The Club House Another great forum for sculpting, garage kit building, and painting.
Anime Music Videos Incredible archive with thousands of downloads of this underground art!

Personal Webpages

John Allred Homepage of the masterful kit builder and painter of my Berserk kits.
Skink Website of a multi-talented model painter and 2D / 3D graphic artist.
Wandering Panda My good friend's hilarious online web-comic.  Check out his remarkable talent!
Magnetic Hip Hop My official music (hip hop) website!  Mp3s, videos, lyrics, upcoming shows, etc.
DirectDK Personal webpage of all the random tidbits regarding me and my existence.


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