- by Apikitt
- scale 1/6
- limitation < 30
- project finished 8.23.10
- estimated value of kit alone: $150
- pictures uploaded 8.29.10
- painter: John Allred

This here is the first Berserk kit by the talented sculptor, Apikitt. And what a beautiful way to make his Berserk debut! This kit is absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic to anyone's collection. At a nice big 1/6 scale, it surely steals the show from the older Art of War Skullknight release.

With this paint job, I decided to go with the weathered metallic white finish, instead of my usual bone color scheme. I just wanted a change and something to match my life size Skullknight Helmet Replica. John did a fantastic job with the detailing and tarnishing. Nothing less from John, of course!

The base was an interesting one, and a bit difficult for me to decide what to do with it. I was either going to go with the Eclipse look, or the Beherit look. I decided to go with the latter because the facial features were spread out among the base. John and I were worried it would look too patchwork-like, but John did an excellent job blending each color to create a very dream-like surreal feeling. I'm totally pleased with the way it turned out!

So, hats off to John, and hats off to Apikitt. I can't wait for Apikitt's kits in the future. He's someone to look out for!

(note: all pictures by John Allred, himself)


In-Progress Pictures


Finished Pictures

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