Skullknight & Behelit (Bust)
- by Acetone
- scale 1/4
- limitation < 50
- project finished 8.26.05
- estimated value of kit alone: $150+
- pictures uploaded 8.28.05
- painter: John Allred

One thing that concerned me about this kit before I got it assembled and painted, was that I was afraid that it would just end up looking like some random skull with some weird red creature growing in its head.  I wasn't quite sure why I thought this, until I realized that the skull was missing its rose and crown of thorns!  So I asked John to custom make that and bingo... NOW it looks like Skullknight.

A bust kit that is relatively big (about 1/4 scale, in my opinion), it makes for a nice display piece.  I think Acetone did a great job sculpting the Crimson Behelit and replicating the art of Kentarou Miura on the inner cover of Volume 9.  And of course, John followed up with an awesome paint-up.  Looks like a real skull head, doesn't it?  Well, truth be told, I've never seen a real skull head in person (or maybe I have at a museum or something), but I'm very content with how it turned out nevertheless!  I especially like the teeth (now THAT's something I've seen in real life before =P).

Thanks again, John, for all the hard work and for adding the rose and thorns!  Is there anything you CAN'T do?  =)

(note: all pictures by John Allred, himself)

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