Guts: Black Swordsman with Custom Snake Baron Apostle and Automatic Crossbow
- by Heavy Gauge
- scale 1/8
- limitation < 100

- project finished 10.12.07
- estimated value of kit alone: $200+
- pictures uploaded 10.14.07
- painter / custom sculptor: John Allred

SO MUCH TO SAY, but really, why bother???  Really, the pictures can pretty much speak for themselves.  So, let's just keep it simple:

John sculpted the Snake Baron Apostle from scratch...
Visit John's website where he describes the process he went through for this masterpiece!

As for everything else, take a look down below!  Guts with his sword measures a whopping 16" tall!  A beautiful Guts kit from the famous Heavy Gauge.  But man, when you add the Snake Baron to the mix... just WOW.  All I can say is that John is my GOD GIVEN BERSERK GIFT FROM HEAVEN (if that makes any sense at all).  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

(note: all pictures by John Allred, himself)


In-Progress Pictures

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Finished Pictures

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