Guts: Hawk Soldier: 100 Man Killer
- by BerserkBerserk
- scale 1/6
- limitation < 30
- project finished 1.31.11
- estimated value of kit alone: $170
- pictures uploaded 2.1.11
- painter: John Allred

So many AWESOME Berserk sculptors coming out recently, and this is one of the best! BerserkBerserk created something very special here. This kit is a gem, certainly overshadowing Art of War's release of the same diorama from a few years ago. BerserkBerserk is also currently working on a PIPPIN kit, as well as the other Hawk Soldiers. BerserkBerserk is indeed, a great and warm welcomed sculptor to the community.

For this color scheme, I went with the Newtype promotional art for the theatrical release of the Berserk Saga Project, aka the greatest fucking news of the decade! Of course, the colors of that picture are washed out because of the treatment for the sunset, but we still used this as the reference. I've never been a fan of Guts wearing a bright red cape, so John applied a much more muted red/brown cape so it wouldn't pop out too much. All the colors, in fact, John and I really chose carefully because we wanted to portray this piece in a very soft and delicate way. This is an exhausted Guts who just spent the whole night hacking away at 100 soldiers and big bad ball and chain idiot! Dude needs some rest!

So this is what we came up with. John, as always, went above and beyond, and added some great foliage and vines around the base. He also did just a phenomenal job on the tree both front and even the back, really bringing out the bark and details. The armor has a nice weathered sheen to it, and the bloodwork is just fantastic, especially around his fingernails. Everything about this paintjob just screams realism to me, and that is what I love! Truly, a piece I will always cherish. Thank you John and thank you BerserkBerserk!

(note: all pictures by John Allred, himself)


Finished Pictures

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