Count: Apostle with Custom Rickert and Victim
- Count
    - by Getsurou
    - scale 1/20
    - limitation < 100
- Rickert
    - by Art of War
    - scale 1/20
    - limitation ?

- Victim (Luke Skywalker)
    - by Hasbro
    - scale 1/20
    - limitation ?

- project finished 1.16.06
- estimated value of kit alone: $125+
- pictures uploaded 1.16.06
- painter / custom sculptor: John Allred

Where do I begin?  Hmm... let's see, first I should probably say "YOU ROCK, JOHN!"  Yes, that seems appropriate, I think!  And of course, a big "thanks" to Getsurou for always being so creative with the kits he makes.  Since Art of War tends to stick to the traditional characters, it's always refreshing to see some of the more obscure creatures make it to the model world!

But of course, seeing how I just LOVE making nifty dioramas for my kits, and seeing how beautiful the Wyald diorama turned out, I decided to do one for this one too!  Of course, John is always up for some kit-bashing fun, so I decided to go all out on this endeavor.  I'm sure you all recognize this scene (both from the manga and anime) and I think the likeness of the diorama turned out to be pretty freaking awesome.  Let me run down some of the modifications John performed on this piece!

Originally, the AOW action figure of Rickert doesn't have any points of articulation (as most of them).  So John had to chop off the left crossed arm so he could have it down by his side.  However, since the arms were folded into each other, the left arm wasn't really a full arm.  So, John did some putty work, and added a bandage/sling around Rickert's right arm, to match the manga.  Also, out of the box, Rickert is smiling and his face is horribly painted.  The horrible paint job is fixable (of course), but the smiling probably won't work considering Rickert is pretty much pissing in his pants in this scene, so John used a drill to open up his mouth to capture that *gasp* look.  Now, keep in mind, this figure is less than 3 inches tall, meaning the face is merely a few centimeters.  So after drilling out the mouth, John reshaped Rickert's face with some putty work, and then tilted his head back so he would be staring straight at the monstrosity in front of him.  And of course, he was repainted from top to bottom.

For the victim, I spent a few hours searching ebay and other random online stores but couldn't find anything the right scale or that could be modified to look good.  Fortunately, my brother is a massive Star Wars action figure collector (yes, apparently, collecting stuff runs in my family) so he told me about this one Luke Skywalker figure where he is doing a handstand (portraying the Dagobah training scene with Yoda).  This did the trick perfectly, because his hair is already hanging in the appropriate fashion.  The clothing needed some changing, and John handled that easily with some putty.  He also bent the hands down more so it looks like they are hanging (and not flat).

Now onto the risky part... changing the Count's mouth!  John had to completely chop off the lower jaw and re-shape the mouth so the lower teeth could hang a little lower.  The mouth wasn't too big to begin with, so it could only open up a reasonable amount before it would look odd.  In the end, as you can see, it turned out natural and obscenely gross... PERFECT. =)

So that's the basic process of how this kit came about.  Of course, there's so much work John did on this kit that I am leaving out, but hopefully these pictures can say the rest.  And thanks to Aazealh for the advice on colors and all that stuff only a Berserk expert would know!  Enjoy!

(note: all pictures by John Allred, himself)


In-Progress Pictures


Finished Pictures

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