Legend of Zelda: Link
- private commission
- scale 1/6
- h
eight 9" tall, 11" with base
- project producer by Derek Kan
- link sculpted by Emily Fiegenschuh
- sword & shield sculpted by Joachim Höstlöf
- casted & molded by Jeremy Monz
- painted by John Allred
- project finished 12.11.11
- pictures uploaded 12.12.11


In 2006, I reached out to my fellow Nintendo + model kit enthusiasts, to start a project to create the most accurate, realistic, and badass Link figure the world has ever seen. This was before First4Figures got into the game with their awesome Zelda prepaints (the Zant, Midna + Wolf, and Link on Epona are easily the best ones of their collection). However, even with their line of statues, I yearn for something more.

Upon finding the perfect sculptor, I was trying to decide what Link's pose should be. I didn't want something too generic and static, but I wanted it to be CLASSIC. So in my head I went through all the wonderful games that starred our favorite green hero, and Super Smash Bros came to mind. At the time, Melee was the game I played the most, and the great thing about Smash is that you can pause the game and pan around the camera. And that's when it hit me... THE SPIN ATTACK.

So between the years 2006 and 2009... our wonderful, talented, and incredibly humble sculptor, Emily Fiegenschuh (fellow Berserk fan, woot!), created the masterpiece you see in this video. It was her first time ever taking on a private sculpting commission (and she doesn't do this professionally if you can believe it or not!), so she took her time and worked on it whenever she could sit down and really focus. I certainly didn't mind the wait. The Legend of Zelda is timeless. =)

In 2010, the reins were passed to Joachim Höstlöf (fellow Berserk fan, woot!) and this masterful Renaissance man crafted the most gorgeous sword, shield, and sheath I could ever imagine. Emily + Joa = EPIC WIN.

Finally, in 2011, the sculpture was sent to my long time painter, John Allred (my go-to Berserk guy, woot!), who has been painting figures for me since 2005. His work is always absolutely stunning, and that's all there is to it. Emily + Joa + John = OMGBBQ1337 WIN.

And here we are now... I cannot express my gratitude and amazement enough. Thank you O SO VERY MUCH to all my friends that were a part of this project. WE DID IT!

Special Thanks: Marc Havican, Catta Höstlöf, Leslie Frank, and Latrice Williams for believing in this project =)


In-Progress Pictures

Finished Pictures

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