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12.12.11 - Something different... and EPIC.

(Legend of Zelda: Link, Private Commission)


9.14.11 - Look at these little cuties!!!

(Puck & Ivarela with Custom Diorama, by Henacyoko Gouten)


2.1.11 - LIFE SIZE FEMTO BUST. If you are interested in one, send me an email!!! Also, further down below, introducing the debut kit of the new and AWESOME sculptor, BerserkBerserk!!!

(Helmet: Femto Life Size Replica (Original Prototype), by James Perkins)

(Guts: Hawk Soldier: 100 Man Killer, by BerserkBerserk)


8.29.10 - Introducing Apikitt!!!

(Skullknight, by Apikitt)


5.13.10 - One of the longest running projects John has done for me! Checkity checkity! I'm quite happy with the way this one turned out. Lots of thought went into it. =)

(Guts: Custom Berserker Armor with Guts and Schierke, by Black Minnaloushe)


3.15.10 - CHECK OUT THE NEW SKULLKNIGHT 1:1 LIFE SIZE BUST! If you are interested in one, holla at me!

(Helmet: Skullknight Life Size Replica (Original Prototype), by James Perkins)

(January 2010 NYC Display)

(Zoddo: Apostle (Bust) with Custom Wings, by Gill Gill)

(Grunbeld: Human (Bust), by Headlong)


6.6.09 - OKAY, so I haven't updated in half a year. APOLOGIES. Life's been busy! But I have for you two REAL SWEET UPDATES. LOOK BELOW!

(Roshinu: Custom Apostle with Jill and Diorama, by Unknown)

(Helmet: Guts Life Size Replica (Original Prototype), by James Perkins)


12.19.08 - I'm still alive folks!!!  Sorry for the lack of updates, but as you all know, the economy is pretty shitty right now!  Hopefully, I will be getting back into the kit painting sometime next year, but until then, I made a short video of my current display case here in New York City.  Stay in touch!


4.15.08 - BONE, my friends.  BONE.

(Skullknight on Horse II (Limited Edition - Behelit Sword): Bone, by Art of War)


1.6.08 - OMG, chicos and chicas!  CHECK THIS OUT!!!  Kawaiiiiiiiiii!!!!

(Original Guts Prototype & Custom Zoddo Plush Toys, by Anna Yamamoto)


11.23.07 - Casca... if Guts couldn't tear me in half with his bear hands, I'd totally hit on you...  Behold my first finished Casca kit, folks!

(Casca: Hawk Soldier, by Megatech)


10.14.07 - Ch-ch-ch-check it OUT!!!  Ever think you would see a kit of the SNAKE BARON APOSTLE?  Well now you can.  Click below to my newest!

(Guts: Black Swordsman, by Heavy Gauge)


6.6.07 - What's up, folks?!  Today, I shall present to you Headlong's, Zoddo: Human II, my newest addition to my painted kit collection!  I hope you like!

(Zoddo: Human II, by Headlong)


4.20.07 - I'm bAAACCCCCK!  Yes sir!  I'm now living in the heart of New York City!  Unfortunately, my Berserk collection couldn't come with me, but it doesn't matter!  I have a new one born and raised.  I present to you, Guts: Black Swordsman and Farnese on Horse!

(Guts: Black Swordsman and Farnese on Horse, by Art of War)


12.16.06 - I'm moving.  So I took some photos of my current display setup before I have to disassemble and pack everything away. =(  Well, I knew this day had to come sometime!  Anyways, enjoy the new gallery!  Nothing too fancy, just some pictures of my kits in "natural" lighting.

(December 2006 Pre-Move Display)


12.3.06 - I apologize!  It's been a while.  But this should make up for it!  Guts: Black Swordsman with custom Bird Disciple, Specters, and Diorama!  You HAVE to see it.

(Guts: Black Swordsman, by Field)


9.19.06 - I present to you... IRVINE with CUSTOM DIORAMA.  Enjoy!

(Irvine, by Getsurou)


9.5.06 - Yes, I know.  I've been pretty bad updating this site lately.  BEEN REAL BUSY (as in working 80 hours a week at my new job).  Things should settle down in a month or so, and hopefully by then I can take photos of the last several AOW releases.  BUT, in a few weeks, I should have a new painted kit done (IRVINE!!!).  So be ready for that!

Also, fyi, I updated the price/values of the statues and kits on this site.  Once again, please be reminded that these values are just my opinion and based off of the selling prices I notice on Yahoo Japan Auctions (more so than on Ebay).  Anyhow, I hope they help out all you potential buyers/sellers out there, otherwise I wouldn't bother posting them up.

Lastly, I finally updated my unpainted kits section, for those of you who are interested.

Have a good day!


7.19.06 - My two latest additions to my kit collection...

(Erica, by Mimyan)

(Schierke & Evarella, by Mimyan)


6.8.06 - Not quite a Berserk-related update, but ALMOST just as cool.  Behold!  Two of my most prized non-Berserk statues!

(Ah! My Goddess: Belldandy: Holy Bell, by Volks)

(Soul Calibur: Nightmare, by Epoch)


5.11.06 - FINALLY!!!  I've updated!!!  I'm done with the dry spell (for now).  Here, I present to you my newest kit, Femto, by Jinchiku-Muguy.  Enjoy!

(Griffith: Femto, by Jinchiku-Muguy)

And also, my friend, Joa, finished a new commission piece for a fellow Berserk fan.  It's hard to believe that this kit is a Thai recast, but Joa prepped the kit as best as anyone could.  It's a beauty to behold!

(Zoddo: Revelation, by Lizard)


1.16.06 - *drum roll please* I present to you, my latest addition to my Berserk kit collection, the Count, by Getsurou!

(Count: Apostle, by Getsurou)


1.8.06 - A few weeks ago I received an amazing submission from a fellow Berserk collector, Allen Yao, and a very gifted painter, Skink.  Check out Skink's re-paint-ups of two of Art of War's finest statues!

(Guts: Black Swordsman: Lost Children, by Art of War)

(Guts: Berserker, by Art of War)


12.15.05 - Finally, pictures of Art of War's masterpiece, Slan and Guts!  Go look at her sexiness now!

(Slan and Guts, by Art of War)


12.8.05 - CHECK IT OUT!!!  My newest painted kit, starring the infamous, disgusting, and horribly ugly, Wyald: Apostle, by Getsurou!

(Wyald: Apostle, by Getsurou)


11.16.05 - I decided to add a gallery in the kit section.  It's just a place where I can stuff random photos for any reason I feel like.  Nothing fancy =P.  So, for starters, I made a Headlong Display gallery.

(1/10 Headlong Display)


10.27.05 - Ohh Yeeaaaahhh, just got another Berserk kit painted.  Check out the masterpiece down below!  And yes, I finally took pictures of the Femto: Rebirth statue.  Enjoy!

(Skullknight: Bone, by Headlong)

(Griffith: Femto: Rebirth, by Art of War)


10.10.05 - A very talented friend of mine, Joa, painted up two GORGEOUS Casca kits for himself.  Do yourself a favor and check them out, especially the Guts' Shirt one.  He went ALL OUT!

(Casca: Guts' Shirt, by Atelie Real Spirits)

(Casca: Hawk Soldier, by Art of War)



(Zoddo: Apostle II (Limited Edition - Bloody), by Art of War)

(Puck: Kuri: Fishing, by Art of War)


8.28.05 - 2 NEW FINISHED KITS!  It's been a while since the last one so I'm quite jittery right now.  Ya'll HAVE to check out the Guts: Berserker Bust, by Megatech.  It GLOWS!

(Guts: Berserker (Bust), by Megatech)

(Skullknight & Behelit (Bust), by Acetone)


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