December 2006 Pre-Move Display
- pictures uploaded 12.16.06

Well, it's been a good 7 years that I've lived in Berkeley, California!  From 2000 until the end of 2006, I've been cooped up in this tiny old apartment.  But now, I'm actually making a move to the other side of the country!  New York, here I come!  TRAGICALLY, however, I realistically can't take all my statues and kits with me.  At least, not yet.  Maybe once I've really settled down on the East Coast, and have a bigger place, and a more secure job (Hey!  I do music!  Give me some time!), then I'll be able to move everything over.  In the meantime, the bulk of my collection will be stored at ____ (Hah!  Wouldn't you like to know?!)  Anyways, I decided to take some pictures of my one and only display case before I disassemble it and pack these masterpieces away.  So here they are!

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